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Krisjan: Pronounced like the religion, spelled like an Ikea coffee table.

Howdy, my name is Krisjan. I'm a Boise, Idaho-based entrepreneur, photographer, business development professional, marketer, salesperson, speaker, and social media nerd with a penchant for working within absurd, self-imposed limitations.
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Interview With Vance Lichtenberger of Mid-Century Homes

In this episode, I chat with Vance Lichtenberger of Mid-Century Homes here in Boise, Idaho. Vance is a Boise realtor and mid-century architecture enthusiast hyper-focused on homes built during the […]

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My podcast is about Boise, entrepreneurship, sales, marketing, the architecture/engineering/construction industry, and everything I think is awesome.
I share my thoughts and feelings and interview people I think are cool and inspiring.

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I love working with cool people on cool projects.
Your profile photos are usually your first impression. I'd like to help you make a better first impression. #NewProfilePic
Projects need aweome photos, too. I can help you with that.
Social media advice and consulting? Yep.
Marketing and sales advice, consulting and coaching. Totally.
Want you and/or your firm to be featured in The Constructivist? Let's do it.
Want to take your company's social media to the next level? Of course you do. I can help.
I love speaking to companies and groups about sales, marketing, social media, entrepreneurship, motivation, and

Email: krisjanh (at) gmail.com