The Roast With The Most

I drink coffee everyday.

There was a time when I bought coffee grounds in big round tins that would last for months. At the time I didn’t know how much difference there was between bulk, mass produced coffee and locally roasted small batch coffee.

Knowing what I know now there is no way my standard coffee will ever be anything but locally roasted coffee by people who love coffee more than I do.

My go-to coffee and the coffee we serve our employees, friends, and clients everyday at Stack Rock Group is from Fine Line Roasting.

Josh and Taylor are Boise coffee industry veterans who know more about coffee than my collective knowledge of everything.

Want to stoke out your clients, prospects, or colleagues? Have them bring their coffee and all the fixin’s to your next event or meeting.

If you have an office and want to take care of your people you need their coffee subscription.

For as little as $14.50 a month you can have awesome, locally roasted coffee delivered to your office. Their beans are roasted to order. Most coffee subscription companies drop off old, stale coffee. Not Fine Line.

If you’re like me and like coffee you will love Fine Line Roasting.

After you try it let me know what you think.


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