Online Scheduling

I don’t like scheduling appointments; haircut, dentist appointment etc. that I can’t schedule online. I recently spent the better part of an hour scouring the interweb for a barber in downtown Boise who has online scheduling on their website. It was painful. I finally found Don Juan’s Barber Shop just a few blocks away from the Stack Rock Group office. Perfect.

We’ve all been there – calling a business to schedule an appointment trying to find a time that works for both parties or emailing a business waiting for a response then going back and forth to nail down a date and time. A huge time suck and super annoying.

At Stack Rock Group we have a lot of prospective clients who take advantage of our Free Landscape Design Consultations. Which is awesome! But sometimes, most times,  scheduling the appointments is really time consuming and annoying for me and for our clients.

Since we started Stack Rock Group we have had prospective clients schedule a time to meet by calling the office or filling out the standard Contact form on our website. This method works OK but takes time responding to emails and playing email ping pong to get a meeting scheduled. I knew there had to be a better way.

About a month ago I decided I was going to find an online scheduling system to try. After some looking and talking construction, marketing, boise idaho to Kama and some friends who have service-based businesses I decided on Acuity Scheduling.

Creating an account, getting set up, syncing my Google calendar and embedding the scheduler in our website couldn’t have been easier. Through the process of getting everything I had a few questions. I emailed the Help desk and Kristin got back to me with the information I needed almost instantly. Now we’re best friends.

Since installing Acuity on the Stack Rock Group site we’ve set considerably more appointments and I haven’t had to play email ping pong. Win-win.

If your business requires you to set appointments for prospective clients or customers you should be scheduling them online with Acuity.



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