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Recently I was invited onto the None of My Business Podcast to visit about sales, marketing, starting a business and the formation of Stack Rock Group.

Is that really what my voice sounds like??

As you will hear on the show, Will Howard and I formulated Stack Rock Group over beers. Lots of beers. We had the vision of starting our own Landscape Architecture firm and not working for the man anymore. So we did. Everybody thought we were crazy but we made it happen.

I could have talked for two hours but Matt cut it off at about 45 minutes.

A few points we didn’t have time to really dig into: 1) Social Media and 2) Starting Your Own Business.

First, social media

If you are a business owner you should be active on social media. Period. Especially businesses in our world; architects, engineers and contractors. The process of designing buildings, designing landscapes, engineering structures and building them is fascinating and incredibly visual. People love photos of these processes. Not to mention the people designing and performing the actual construction are equally as fascinating. I’ve spoken with so many architecture, engineering and construction firm owners who refuse to use social media and don’t want to share photos of anything they do. This is crazy to me. So many of our projects have come directly from social media. Showing who we are, what we do, how we do it and who does it builds trust and lays the foundation for a great relationship long before we meet with a potential client.

Whatever your business people do business with people, not with a business.

Why architects, engineers and contractors refuse to let people in and show what they do is a mystery to me.

I know I read somewhere that there is no B2B or B2C in social media. Only P2P – person to person. I have had great success using social media to turn virtual relationships into real ones. I have met so many cool people that I am actual friends with on Twitter. People I probably wouldn’t have met otherwise. One of your main goals with social media should be to make real, actual relationships not just online ones.

Second, starting your own business

Do it. If you think you have an idea, product or service people will pay you for – go for it. If you “can’t” or aren’t willing to make the leap, side hustle your business. Work at it at night. Work at it on the weekends. Use your vacation time from your real job and work at it. If you really want your own business you will find a way to make it happen. If you don’t really want to have your business you won’t do it. It’s pretty simple.

Businesses don’t start themselves and nobody is going to do it for you. If you want it make it happen.

Since Will and I started Stack Rock Group my mantra has been “Sell Like Your Life Depends on it.” Because it does. Just like starting this business, projects don’t just show up. If we’re going to have and continue to have work I have to go get it and sell like my life depends on it. Because it does. Nothing is a given and it can be gone in an instant.

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